Decorate your pass in your kitchen with these new stylish heat lamps from Anvil! You can choose from a range of different shapes and colours including gold, silver, black and even red.

The heat lamps are adjustable and the length goes from 400mm to 1.3 metres, which means you can hang them high in the sky or low to the counter.

Additionally, they come with an easily changeable screw-fitting globe and a Teflon coated globe that protects food in case the glass shatters.

The coverage of the heat lamps goes from 320mm to 560mm and varies depending on the shape.

The new Anvil heat lamps are elegant and stylish, hence ideal for front house use. If you wish to brighten up your food preparation and serving areas, then it’s definitely the way to go – colourful !

The Anvil heat lamps are simple - you can easily reach the on/off switch on the lampshade – reliable and affordable – the price range goes from $202 to $236.

Visit our website today and have a look by yourself.