This simple-looking yet efficient Anvil sandwich press with flat plates will allow you do cook wonders.

Small and compact, it is ideal for delis, bars, cafes and many other food service operators. Are you serving French croque-monsieurs, Italian focaccias or Cuban sandwiches? This countertop cooking equipment will become your best friend and allow you to toast sandwiches, as well as grill burgers, tomatoes and any kind of vegetables.

This Anvil sandwich press can heat up to 300°C and thank to its cast aluminium plates, it will dutifully withstand the high temperatures required to cook food properly. Additionally, the heat resistant handle will allow you to manipulate this hot stuff without burning your wings!

This strong and durable material that is cast aluminium will remain useful for a number of years and operate consistently with no more than minimal care. Easy to clean, with just a damp cloth or a sponge dipped in soapy water. Additionally, the drip cup will catch the excess of grease and help you to keep the counter clean. We all know how untidy it can get if we don’t clean quickly after use!

The cooking surface of this Anvil appliance is 330 x 355 mm, which is equivalent to 4 slices - much appreciated during rush hours when the demand suddenly increases. These sandwich presses are medium duty electrical appliances capable of toasting a variety of bread products and sandwiches. And thank to its adjustable top flat plate, a variety of food thicknesses can be cooked in an uniform way on both sides.

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