Sugar Consumption

Have you heard of That Sugar Film? It is a documentary about this man investigating and discovering the truth about the sugar consumption in Australia. During his researches he finds out that the average consumption of Australians is equivalent to 40 teaspoons of sugar a day*. Can you imagine? This movie was not only entertaining but also extremely informative. It definitely changes your perception on sugar and healthy food.

After watching that movie I had a closer look at my own sugar consumption and started to count my daily teaspoons (and freak out a little). Like many other fellows, I eat out and take away a few times a week but after watching that movie, I totally reconsidered my habits because I know cafes and restaurants don’t always offer healthy options.


Sugar Consumption

In 2012, Australians ate out on average 3.5 times and buy takeaway food 4.1 times a month*. This trend and overconsumption of some foods and drinks have lead to a dramatic increase in overweight and obesity. People are trying to change, people want to eat healthy and if you don’t offer them suitable options, they won’t have lunch at your place. It’s that simple.

Now, let’s zoom in on sugar. Sugar is composed of 3 components: glucose, lactose and sucrose. Glucose is found in bread, pasta and veggies, and is used to fuel the brain, cells and organs. It is vital. Then there is lactose, found in cheese, milk and yogurt. Lactose is a great source of calcium and vitamin D and is also crucial to grow and maintain healthy bones. Finally, there is sucrose, composed of 50% of glucose and 50% of fructose.

Sugar Consumption

While the first 2 kinds of sugar are healthy, the last one might not be. Well, some people say it is dangerous and some others still have doubts. In the past, it was quite rare to find fructose but nowadays it is everywhere. Fructose is what makes food sweet, but it doesn’t have to be added to make your food tasty.

So now, what can you do with this knowledge?

Say goodbye to processed food and unnecessary fructose! Articulate your menus around healthy ingredients. When you can, avoid using prepackaged food such as tomato paste because it certainly includes way too much bad sugar! Built your sauces from scratch, your customers will tell the difference for sure!

Do your serve self-made lemonade or other fresh drinks? Cut on sugar! Add some, but not too much. Sugar sweet doesn’t necessarily mean tasty. Add more fruits instead, and live it marinating for a longer period of time.

In case you need some inspiration, you can find hundreds of websites and blogs with “healthy recipes” sections. You can start with

In 2012, eating out was the second most discussed topic in Australia with 62%* of the population ready to recommend your restaurant to family and friends. Think about it and make a change today! Increase your reach and activate word of mouth.

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