In establishing the outlets, owner Lin needed to source particular equipment to suit the style of cooking her business would offer. She turned to Cafeideas for their expertise. Bing Tan is a cool and fun food concept that offers Chinese street-style crepes. In establishing the outlets, owner Lin needed to source particular equipment to suit the style of cooking her business would offer. She turned to Cafeideas for their expertise.

The challenge

Lin explains that once she had secured the leases for the properties, the race was on to open in order to minimise the period of time during which no income would be generated. “I knew what I needed from working in similar businesses before,” Lin explains. “And as this is the first food business that I own, I needed to deal with a company that would understand my needs, help me get it up and running as quickly as possible and not waste any time.”

How Cafeideas helped

Initially searching the Internet for suppliers that could furnish a specialised crepe maker, Lin came across Cafeideas. Her first phone call to the company led to a visit to the premises to inspect in person. “First I went in and looked at what they had in the store and after that, I was able to do everything online via email,” Lin says.

Lin was impressed by the ‘one stop shop’ nature of Cafeideas and that she could consider many other items for her stores without having to travel around or conduct too much research. “Vibha helped me understand and suggested several different brands. I told them what products I needed and unfortunately, not many places supply the crepe machine I need so I chose Cafeideas because they had exactly what I was looking for.” Lin also obtained fridges and fryers for the Bing Tan stores.

In the case of Bing Tan, no furniture was required because the style of fit-out required shopfitting installations rather than mobile furnishings.

A small hiccup

One day, there was a problem with the deep fryer and Lin had to call Cafeideas to arrange a service call. “They came within a few hours and fixed it so we were able to use it again very quickly.” Lin says Cafeideas have consistently exceeded her expectations and on this particular occasion, the rapid turnaround of the fryer repair meant loss of revenue was minimised.

As Lin explains, business owners are busy, they don’t have time to research every product they’re considering using in their shops. “I felt very good with Cafeideas so I didn’t go with any other companies. From the start, Vibha was very helpful and gave good advice. She told me which brand she recommends for my needs, which is the most durable. This is very important because we need our equipment to work hard and last well.”

From Cafeideas, Bing Tan have sourced kitchen equipment including 2 Roller Grill crepe machines, Exquisite underbench fridge, Exquisite upright chiller, F.E.D. electric fryer, Crathco drink dispenser and F.E.D. soup kettle.

About Bing Tan

A fun and engaging concept, Bing Tan’s Chinese street-style crepes combines the appeal of quick-service Asian food with the visual excitement of the colourful, fresh ingredients and the preparation in front of the customer. Located at Westfield Parramatta and in Sydney Central Plaza, both outlets are meccas for hungry, rushed customers looking for a quick meal that they can eat on the run.

“Our business itself is something fresh,” Lin says. “We offer something different, our crepes are like a wrap, they’re easy to grab when you don’t have much time but yet they’re healthy and fresh and made to order.” Customers can choose the protein such as satay chicken, smoked salmon, barbecue duck or barbecue pork, then the salad vegetables they want and finally, their favourite sauce.

Also on the menu at Bing Tan are crisp, inviting salads and hot soups. The outlets open from 9am daily, greeting hungry business people and local workers with delicious casual meals. They go right through to dinner time when shoppers, movie-goers and tourists drop by for a bite to eat.

The Bing Tan concept has been eagerly received by customers who enjoy the traditional Chinese flavours combined with the classic French crepe.