Keeping your microwave clean is vital. Why?

Because food splatters absorb some of the microwave energy while the unit is operating and may cause burns and other damage to the microwave. If food particles are left over long periods it eventually turns to carbon and causes electrical sparking, which can etch interior surfaces and can even compromise the seal around the door. Your working environment can even become unsafe due to radiation leakage.

What can you do to avoid this nightmarish situation ? Well, you can spend a lot of time cleaning after each use, you can spend your money in expensive repairs … or you can use microsave.

Microsave is a microwave protection line, a simple but revolutionary invention. Simply insert it your microwave and it will capture all spills. You can remove it just as easily and wash it in your sink or dishwasher.

This new tool will allow you to improve hygiene in your kitchen and keep it at a maximum level. No more cross contamination. No more fat, grease and spills inside your microwave. No more mice dancing at night and cockroaches running around to feed on fat and food particles.

Microsave will also allow you to save time and money. It is a cost effective solution and is cheaper than one single repair. No need to waste your time cleaning the inside of your microwave. No need to call a technician to fix it and avoid unnecessary costly repairs.

This new tool will allow you to maintain your microwave in a safe working condition, as well as prevent major damage to the stainless steel cavity caused by arcing. As a result, you will be able to keep your microwave in new conditions, hence extend its lifespan.

Microsave is compatible with CM-1901T and CM-1300T.

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