The challenge

When Kevin Ly, Denny Luong, Steven Wong and Katharine Suy were planning Brewristas – a cafe they co-own in Glebe – they had a number of key goals.

“We wanted to create a cafe that was different to others in the area and that was a welcoming place for the community to gather,” said Katharine, Chief Brand Evangelist for the cafe. “And as a new cafe, we also wanted to manage cashflow well from the start, so we were interested in cost effective ways to acquire our equipment and furniture.”

A particular obstacle faced by the group was that Brewristas’ launch date needed to be delayed several months until all the planning approvals came through.

How Cafeideas helped

The Brewristas team first heard about Cafeideas through a recommendation from an industry contact.

“Originally we looked into Cafeideas just to lease our espresso machine,” said Katharine. “But we were happy to discover we could also arrange finance for our furniture and other equipment from them too. This meant we could co-ordinate more from one place. Plus leasing meant we didn’t drain our funds, and in a couple of years, it will be easy to upgrade if we want to.”

Regarding the delayed launch, Katharine said Cafeideas were really patient and accommodating. “They were able to retain our equipment and furniture until we were ready to take delivery of it,” she said. “We’re really happy with the quality and look of the furniture and equipment we leased from Cafeideas. We get lots of great feedback about it.”

From Cafeideas, Brewristas sourced table bases, table tops, chairs, stools, bar stools, a stand mixer, toaster griller, sink, work bench, an electronic grinder, oven and a double pan deep fryer.

About Brewristas

Kevin, Denny, Steven and Katharine are childhood friends and coffee enthusiasts who have come together to introduce something quite special in inner Sydney’s Glebe.

Brewristas is a cafe, micro roaster and retailer. It also features an impressive array of coffee making apparatus, particularly all the alternative filter equipment.

“We have the traditional espresso based coffees on one end, but our focus is on alternative filter. That’s why we’ve physically separated the two in our cafe. By having an entirely separate alternative filter bar, we can draw attention to our special display of cold drip towers, pour over stations and syphon set up,” said Katharine. “Our cold drip has been particularly popular. For this, cold filtered water is passed through medium grounded coffee every 1 to 3 seconds. This takes about 9 to 12 hours to extract, and to bring out the bright and nuanced profiles of the beans. What results is a smooth and balanced cup, and it is a less acidic coffee than the conventional espresso.”

These unique cold drip beverages are hand bottled so that customers can take them home to drink when they need a quick caffeine fix. Brewristas’ range includes Cold Brew, Brewmonade (mixed with house lemonade) and BrewTea (mixed with cold drip green tea and green rooibos) – all made on the premises.

“There’s been a lot of interest in these drinks, and as cold beverages, they really suit the warmer weather,” said Katharine. “We’re passionate about creating a memorable coffee experience for our customers, and we strive to extract the distinctive characteristics of the coffee beans in every cup.”

A talented chef turns out a range of delicious brunch dishes and light meals, and there are plans to extend the menu further. Popular dishes currently include: Kevin’s Balls (spicy roasted pork belly with tofu, kimchi and sweet potato, coated with shin ramyun); smashed avocado with ricotta cheese, dried chilli, lemon, shaved radish and watercress, served on a slice of light rye; and a fun tiramisu (served pot plant style).

“When we were getting together to plan the cafe, we noticed that most local cafes shut down in the afternoon,” said Katharine. “That helped us decide to start later and stay open into the evening. We wanted to create an inviting but humble space for people to enjoy their coffee or tea in the evening.”

Brewristas is open from 1pm to 10pm on weekdays, from 10am to midnight on Saturday and from 10am to 9pm on Sunday. It is located at 73 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

Find out more at Brewristas’ Facebook page.