Bromic gelato displaysWith summer just around the corner, prepare yourself to welcome hot sunny days and make sure your refrigeration equipment is ready to face another heat wave!

In a previous article we told you a little bit more about Bromic, our trusted supplier of commercial refrigeration, and the various solutions they offer. Today we focus on their gelato displays.

Freshly added to our website, the Fenice 13 might be the response to your freezing questions! This gelato display unit is an attractive solution to show off all the delectable ice-cold treats your have to offer to your customers.

With its crisp white panel and curved display canopy, you will love its look and so will your customers! Thanks to its modern design, you’ll be able to attract new customers and encourage impulsive purchases. Improve the way you display your ice creams and make your customers salivate before even tasting them!

Bromic gelato displays

The Fenice 13 includes 13 tubs with a 5-litre capacity each. With this large capacity, you can easily lay out numerous flavors and please even more customers.

Thanks to its fan assisted airflow and auto-defrost feature, you won’t even have to worry about anything. No need to manually defrost the unit and the temperature management will be only better. The digital temperature display will help you keep an eye on it. Plus, this will decrease humidity and condensation, and will allow a better visibility through the front glass.

And because Bromic understands you don’t want to spend hours cleaning up when your day is over, the Fenice 13 was designed ergonomically to allow a very quick and easy cleaning. The glass canopy protecting your ice creams from gluttonous customers during the day will shine again for another day.

Discover the Bromic gelato display range today.