Created over 3 decades ago, Bromic has become a trusted supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment. From upright freezers to back bar chillers and chest freezers, you can be sure to find high quality and reliable products.

They have a modern range of refrigerated cake displays suitable for cakes, pastry and all your savory desserts. Available in multiple sizes, these units are suitable for large and small establishments.

With these Bromic display units, it is all about appearance, inside and out. The team was extremely mindful when designing the units and that is why they have focused on the exterior, as well as the interior construction. Beautiful refrigerated cabinets to display your beautiful cakes.

The Bromic units have a stylish glass casingwith square angles and they are composed of 2 adjustable shelves plus a solid stainless steel base.

To allow your products to be displayed the best way possible and get the best light, each shelf is equipped with LED lights. After all, who would like to buy a cake that looks 1-month old because of a poor lighting? On top of that, a night mode lighting was added to ensure your products exposure doesn’t decrease as the day ends.

Finally, to make sure your yummy desserts are visible through the window at all time, a forced air circulation system was implemented to avoid condensation on the glass and to ensure an even temperature.

Believe us when we say these units will look as great as the products you will place inside. We have no doubt this will encourage impulsive purchases.

Last but not least, these Bromic refrigerated displays are solid and reliable. Made of a double gazed safety glass, they will resist in case a clumsy customer heavily leans against it. Additionally, the display area is made of hardened glass, which makes it more durable and able to support more or heavier cakes on each shelf.

Visit Cafeideas website today to discover these Bromic refrigerated cake display units. They are available at a very competitive price. And while you’re at it, feel free to browse through the entire Bromic range – you might find something you didn’t know you needed.