Get excited, the brand new Bromic Silver range of vertical glass door chillers and freezers is finally available! Dimensions and specifications remain exactly the same, only the look was changed and improved. Developed and redesigned to welcome 2015, we were impatient to share the news with you.

With its modernized brushed silver front and frame, these displays will give your place a whole new shine. Add a bright curved lightbox with rounded edges to it and you can be sure these Bromic units won’t fail to draw your customers’ attention and encourage impulsive purchases. To top it of, you have the possibility to customize the header and use personalised decals.

For more convenience and flexibility, all Bromic units are equipped with adjustable shelves and some models even come with bright interior LED lighting to enhance your products visibility.

Other novelty, an ergonomic curved handle was designed to make it easier for your customers to open the door and grab their favorite drinks within nanoseconds. How frustrating would that be to for them to stand in front of their so-wanted fresh drinks and not being able to simply open the door!

Now you know everything about how cool these Bromic units look, you must be wondering how effective they are. They have a double (for chillers) or triple (for freezers) glazed glass door and a toughened safety glass, which is great to keep your goods cold but also to reduce condensation and improve visibility through the door. Plus, you will appreciate the self-closing door helping you to reduce the potential attack from high temperatures when the door is opened for too long. Finally, these Bromic units have a fan-assisted circulation, which allows a fast and even cooling.

These Bromic units are efficient, they look as cool as the merchandise within it and will help you to create an extremely attractive display. Wait no longer! Visit Cafeideas website today and have a look.