A few weeks ago we were telling you about our refrigeration equipment supplier Bromic and their amazing range of refrigerated cake displays. Today we tell you about their range of back bar glass chillers. With 35 years in business, they have developed experience and know-how, and have become one of the best on the market.

The Bromic back bar glass chillers combine robustness and styleand are ideal to display drinks in bars and restaurants. Available in one, two and three door models, these units feature glass doors and LED lighting to create a stunning visual impact.

Made of black powder coated steel they are solid and durable. Small and compact, they can be fitted anywhere around your counter. Their extra storage capacity ranges from 108 to 330 litres, depending on the model. Even their durable adjustable shelves make it easier for you and offer a greater flexibility to store your products.

So, these Bromic freestanding chillers are small, robust and stylish. Their black external finish gives them such an elegant look and has such a positive impact on the products displayed. It enhances your drinks and makes them even more irresistible. It is an excellent way encourage spur-of-the-moment decisions and increase impulsive purchases.

Thanks to an efficient and bright LED lighting, your products receive the best exposure possible. LED lighting is indeed brighter than normal lighting and enhances colours, which means your customers can perfectly and easily recognise their favourite drinks and grab them. Additionally, LED lighting does not produce heat, which ensures the chillers remain cool, ranging from 0 to +10°C. Last but not least, low energy LED lighting is more efficient and environment friendly.

And because smaller details also matter, there is a digital temperature display that makes it easy for you to adjust and control the temperature at any moment.

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