With a long week just around the corner, you’re probably already getting ready. Relaxation, peace and laziness will be your keywords (they will be ours too!). And how would be a lazy day without comfortable furniture to sit or lay on? You are right; it wouldn’t possible! And that is why we are so excited to introduce our new range of outdoor furniture. It will be just perfect for holidays and lazy summer days.

After the Nardi outdoor furniture, discover today the Cafeideas outdoor furniture. This new range includes exciting items never seen before on our website. Daybeds, bench seats, balcony settings, reclining sun chairs, lounge settings, folding sun loungers, sofas and many other things. And to top it off, we even have a broad range of matching tables!

Sophisticated design, seductive curves, and luxurious look… you will be seduced for sure! With all these different materials used and inspiration gathered, we have no doubt you will find something perfectly blending in with the current decoration of your place. Ideal for balconies, space spaces, poolsides and gardens.

Investing in great furniture could be a way for you to enhance your outdoor space, if not create it. It could encourage new customers to go sit outside and invite the already existing-ones to come more often. Think about all the opportunities that could come with this new range of furniture!

These items are UV resistant and durable. Most of them can be stacked and stored easily (for more information please visit Cafeideas website). We hope you will love this new range the way we do! Visit Cafeideas website today to find out more.