Cafeideas is feeling adventurous this spring and dares trying new things. This week, we are glad to introduce our new range of chef uniforms and clothing for restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Discover today Chef Works, a global culinary apparel brand that has been distributed over 45 countries around the world for the last 45 years.

Chef Works understands the importance for a chef to feel good and has developed a whole range of uniforms and clothing that combines quality and style.

Their high-quality clothes are made with Egyptian cotton and offer comfort and sophistication. The heavyweight fabric is pre-tested for durability and strength and selected based upon resistance to increase longevity and performance. And because each restaurant and chef has a different style, Chef Works has developed several collections that suit everyone’s style. Classic, Memphis, Bronx, Manhattan, Portland, Chesapeake, Charlotte, Santa Fe… pick your style!

Chef Works offers an extensive range of clothes and accessories. Jackets, aprons, pants, shirts, headwear and everything you could possible need. The whole range is available for both women and men.

Discover today items available at Cafeideas and keep checking our website as new items are being added continuously.