We currently count over 5,000 products on our website. In such a case, it is only too easy to miss out on great brands such as Coldline, one of our suppliers of high quality refrigeration equipment. Based in Italy, one of the most productive areas in Europe, they have been serving the catering, pastry, bakery, ice cream and pizza industry for over 20 years.

Your delicious recipes depend on the quality of ingredients you purchase, but also on the equipment you get to store all of it. With Coldline, you select healthy and natural ingredients, and they keep them perfect for you.

Their extensive range counts cabinets, counters, blast chillers, preparation tops and roll-in including storage units and retarder provers – pretty much everything you could possibly need in your commercial kitchen.

Professional, modern and practical, all units were developed alongside chefs who understand your challenges, expectations and needs. The Research & Development team was inspired by the principles of quality, energy saving and environmental protection. Units come in different sizes, capacities and configurations to suit your needs, offering the same quality and performance across the whole range.

High-quality equipment, yet affordable, these units are real hidden gems. They are innovative, reliable and stylish, which make them very competitive with other better-know brands. Plus, Coldline units have a clever modular design and simple shapes that make them elegant, easy to clean and easy to fit anywhere in your commercial kitchen.

Coldline units are already being used in thousands of kitchens around the world and you could be the next one on the list. Don’t settle for good; go for excellent! Visit Cafeideas and discover Coldline today. And stay tuned, we will soon be publishing more articles about each individual line included in the Coldine range.