Hate it or love it, the communal table trend is definitely well settled in. Restaurants from McDonalds to Chiswick have adopted it and now provide beautiful spaces with large communal tables. What about you?

No matter what your customers’ motivations are, we can fairly assume they go out to enjoy themselves, have great food, drinks, and interact with others. Having sharing tables in your restaurant will help you creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where people can spread joy and food! Plus, it will allow you to maximize the space and seat more people.

Being sandwiched between strangers can be an absolute nightmare but it could also be a lovely experience. It depends on people, obviously, but also on how you arrange the space. We have a few options available here at Cafeideas.

In the table section, you will find the Blackburn industrial table and the York industrial table, recently added to our industrial vintage range. Both table frames are made from mild steel with textured epoxy and the metal edge on their tops gives them a heavy-duty industrial look and feel. They are also very durable. These tables are for indoor use only and can have up to 10 people sitting around.

In the bar table section, you will find the Canal bar table and the Artwood dry bar table. The Canal bar table is composed of a mild steel frame that looks like plumbing pipes and a corona maple top, thick and durable. Made from a brushed aluminium frame and polywood slats, the Artwood dry bar table is available in different colours and dimensions. While the 1st option is for indoor use only, the 2nd one can be used outdoor.

Browse through our options today and create the perfect communal space tomorrow. Browse through our industrial furniture range, including our fantastic Hairpin range of barstools and stools.