Conti-Monte-Carlo-Coffee-MachineA few months ago we introduced one of our Australian coffee machine suppliers, family owned company Boema. Among their great range, they count Conti, an European brand coming all the way from France.

Designed and manufactured in Monaco, the Monte Carlo model combines 60 years of handcrafting with modern technology and is the Rolls Royce of the coffee machines. It is beautiful inside out, really. It counts an enchanting design that will charm your customers, as well as a well-engineered construction allowing the best taste extraction and flavor retention you could imagine.

You will love its modern, yet classic design, and its round curves will seduce more than one customer. Raise your hand if you’ve never picked a place solely based on their coffee machine. See? We’ve all done this! Even though the quality of the coffee beans and the baristas’ skills are also involved in the equation, in the collective unconscious good coffee machine is equal to good coffee. And that is exactly why you do need to invest in a great-looking coffee machine.

The Monte Carlo model comes in mat black or mat white, and is equipped with LED barista lights and LCD screens – it is fancy and actually convenient.

It is available in 2 and 3 groups and includes 2 independent boilers with different water temperature settings. Parameters of each group can also be set separately.

Plus, their new innovative pre-infusion system allows you to brew the coffee before the shot, hence extract the full flavor of the coffee.

Our supplier Boema carries Conti’s values and places customers first. Focusing on the after sales and customer services, you can be assured that you will receive the adequate assistance with any of your Boema coffee machine.

To help you make your decision, Boema has put together an exciting package deal for you! If you purchase a 2-group Monte Carlo coffee machine this month, you will also receive a free Eureka Olympus grinder valued at $1,600 and 10kg of coffee (which is equivalent to 700 cups of coffee).