Want to give a wooden look to your place? Want to differentiate yourself from your competitors? No, you’re not asking for too much and yes, you have come to the right place. We have what you need! You will love our range of custom made wooden furniture including tabletops, complete tables, benches and other seating solutions.

Ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, these pieces of furniture are incredibly versatile as they allow you to create a rough and industrial look, as well as a natural and peaceful haven where customers can reconnect with Mother Earth.



We have recently added to our website a whole bunch of custom made timber tabletops. We now count 100 different styles, similar but very different at the same time. Rubberwood, hardwood, distressed, aged parquetry style, dark brown, light sand, multi-color stained, lime or white washed … you name it, we have it. As these tabletops are custom made, each table ends up being slightly different. Your place will never look boring! Cherry on the cake, you can select from various size options and get exactly what you need.

Whether you use them for your indoor or outdoor area, these tabletops are durable and will stand strong no matter what the weather is. Please note, if you choose to place these tabletops outside, you will need to cover them and keep them out of the direct sunlight.

Discover today our range of custom made timber tabletops, including the brand new Pontus line wash tabletop. Available in round, square and rectangle, this model comes in 600 x 600 mm and can be customized to your required dimensions.


If you’re after something unusual, catchy yet simple, have a look at our custom made log stools. Made of solid hardwood, these logs measure between 450 and 460 mm high and their diameter vary between 300 and 330mm, which is wide enough to allow anyone to sit on it.

Custom-Made-FurnitureAlternatively, we have more conventional seating solutions such as our Hypnos bench. Freshly added to our website, this bench will be just perfect for your outdoor area during summer days. This timber bench comes with a raw finish and will certainly add a special something to your place.

Visit our website now and discover our range of custom made timber furniture.