Communicate-With-Your-CustomersThere is this fancy term being used everywhere these days: millennials. It sounds a little futuristic but it is very much current. This magic word refers to persons born from the early 1980s through to the early 2000s. This category represents a major consumer group of Australia’s future so you better pay attention to them!

So how to reach these millennials? Online, as it is where they spent most of their time! Don’t be afraid and go meet them on social platforms or be ready to disappear into puffs of dust.

It is quite important to have a website as customers will most likely check online before visiting your place. We know it can be tedious and pricey, so why not considering a one-page website instead? Simple is sometimes better. Only basic elements would be needed: contact details, address, trading hours, menu, and if possible, a photo gallery.

Have a Facebook page. It is a must. Don’t question it. If you don’t have one, you don’t exist - no kidding. Australia counts 14 million monthly active users* on Facebook and while you won’t reach all of them, obviously, you will reach more people than you think. Word of mouth is a serious thing and your content might go viral within a second. Check our Facebook page if you feel like.

Don’t be shy, reach for Instafame! It’s not that complicated you know, simply take a picture, apply a few filters and boom you are ready to post a terrific photo, like a boss. With 5 million monthly active users*, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Remember to use relevant hash tags to make sure millennials find you. Check our Instagram page for some inspiration.

This social platform only counts 320 thousands of monthly active users* and sadly is quite underestimated. If you have time, create a Pinterest page with boards that reflect your place and its atmosphere. And photos of your delicious dishes, of course! Have a look at our Pinterest page if you need some inspiration.

There are many other ways to be present online. Websites such as The Urban List and Time Out could help you get more coverage. Stay open to all opportunities!

In another article we will help you figure out what content to share with your customers. Stay tune!

Note: we do not endorse any of the websites mentioned in this article