Espresso Warriors are across four different Sydney locations including Warrawong, Wetherill Park, Mount Druitt and Wollongong. Keen to infuse each location with its own personality, owners Tony Nessem and Trung Bui sought the assistance of Cafeideas to bring their visions to life.

The challenge

“It was really important that each of our venues is different, but still cohesive, all offering outstanding coffee and food quality and excellent customer service. We wanted to create venues where customers could meet, enjoy the ambience, catch up on work or with friends and know they would get the same overall experience no matter which Espresso Warriors they visited.”

How Cafeideas helped

Tony explains that he and Trung had heard about Cafeideas from other hospitality colleagues and upon their first visit to the website, decided to drop in and take a look in person. “It seemed like they had a large variety of items we’d end up using so we went in and met Vibha who became our Consultant.”

From their initial meeting, Tony found that he could count on Cafeideas for equipment, décor, advice and service. “We didn’t have to source our needs through multiple suppliers,” he explains. “Not only could we get the bulk of what we needed but all at competitive pricing. And Vibha was instrumental in helping us understand which products would be useful and which wouldn’t, thereby saving us from wasting money.”

Espresso Warriors have worked with Cafeideas in establishing each of their four locations and have found Vibha’s assistance to be invaluable. “Whenever I go in there, Vibha is focused on my requirements and never makes me feel as though she has more important things to do. I hugely appreciate this as I’m always on a short time frame and don’t have time to waste.”

Given the rapid expansion of the Espresso Warriors business (each location has opened three months apart), Tony admits he has often felt overwhelmed by its enormity. The assistance of Vibha and Cafeideas has been instrumental in bringing the cafés to life. “I’ve gone in with ideas in mind but I’m not a designer. Vibha has helped enormously with the colour selections and the furnishing choices. She’s selected some really cool one-off showpieces that completely nail the look and feel we’re aiming to achieve.”

Tony says that since the beginning, Cafeideas has exceeded his expectations. “I simply don’t have time to waste on the phone or waiting for an email response. With Cafeideas, I’ve never had to chase anything up. Vibha goes out of her way to make sure everything is done, turnaround times are met and my questions are answered.”

From Cafeideas, Espresso Warriors’ four locations have sourced kitchen equipment including Anvil door chillers, Anvil heat lamps, Koldtech cake displays, Scotsman icemakers, Bromic flat glass chest freezers and Skope Centaur solid door under-counter freezers. Their benchtop equipment includes Hamilton blenders, Woodson salamanders, Roband grill stations and Robot Coupe centrifugal juicers.

At front-of-house, Espresso Warriors are using Toffee side chairs, Nardi Ibisco folding table bases, Nardi Flute folding table bases, Maxx coffee tables, Industry stool ottomans and Werzalit by Gentas tabletops, all procured from Cafeideas.

About Espresso Warriors

Espresso Warriors serves up a vibrant and dynamic café experience across four different locations, each with its own unique personality in line with local demographics. Co-owners Tony Nessem and Trung Bui determined from the start to create a café that places the emphasis on engagement and personality. “We are friendly, never robotic,” Tony says. “Our customers feel welcome and like part of the family, as do our staff. We’re about community and supporting local.”

Indeed, Espresso Warriors seeks to always purchase from local suppliers whenever possible and also to support local charities and organisations. Fundraising, donations and relationships are just some of the ways they aim to build a warm and welcoming presence around the hubs of each location.

Tony explains that Espresso Warriors is not a franchise and not a chain per se, but all members of the same family. “We think ‘family’ is a pervasive theme throughout our business. We love to look after our customers and have them feel at home here, and the best way we can do that is if we also behave as a family behind the counter and behind the scenes.”

The food, drinks and of course, the coffee add yet another layer to the friendly, welcoming theme. The sweets, baked goods and meals are hearty and colourful with a particular slant towards comfort food. Customers can choose from boutique beverages or something whipped up to order by the talented staff. Espresso Warriors’ signature coffee blend has been happily embraced by customers who additionally appreciate the baristas’ attention to detail and getting-to-know-you approach.