Supermarket giants have recently lowered the price of their bread, making the cost of a 650g store-brand loaf only 85 cents.* Despite this ground-breaking change, we still register a growing interest in artisan style and healthy breads*, which means local bakers and small businesses still have their role to play. Supermarkets lowering costs, existing bakeries expanding their offer and new bakeries opening every day…. there is a lot happening on the market and the competition is getting tougher. That’s why it is vital for you to have the best equipment in order to stay competitive and bake better bread than your neighbours!

Don’t worry; we have something for you. Our supplier F.E.D. has developed an entire range of spiral dough mixers. Spiral dough mixers are a popular choice among bakeries as they are perfect to mix bread dough, strong enough for bagel and gentle enough for ciabatta. And even though they are primarily used in bakeries, you can be creative and also use them in your restaurant or pizza shop.

Equipped with high-quality electrical and mechanical components, these F.E.D. spiral dough mixers are tough and reliable. Made of stainless steel elements, including the rotating center post, they are solid and increase the kneading area for faster and better results.

These F.E.D. spiral dough mixers come with variable speeds, from 100 to 200 rpm, which helps with gluten development. Mixing dough in a low speed is meant to bring the mix together into a homogenous mass and high speed is meant to develop the gluten structure of the dough.

F.E.D. mixers are easy to use and equipped with adjustable holding feet for more flexibility. Some of the models are equipped with a timer. To find out more, we invite you to browse through our range.

And because keeping your work environment safe should be a priority, an interlocked safety guard was added to the mixers, as well as an emergency stop switch.

 Visit cafeideas today and find the model that will best meet your requirements. 


*Source: Baking Business Magazine (Aug/Sept 2014 and Oct/Nov 2014 editions)