Who would say no to a deliciously warm pizza topped with delightfully melting cheese? Allow me to help you answer that one: no one! Pepperoni? Hawaiian? Supreme? We all have a favourite one that makes our heart beat faster.

At Cafeideas, we love pizza too and we are happy to share the love with you by providing you with an extensive range of Goldstein pizza oven. The company has been around for over 100 years and is now recognized among the best ones. Tested and trusted, believe us.

Their range includes single, double and triple deck models made of a rugged and heavyweight stainless steel construction. With their traditional style, they are easy to operate and were built to last and deliver consistent results all along the way. The thickness of metals, full chassis along with insulation ensure total heat saturation and a heat loss minimization when the pizza chef opens and shuts the door. You can choose from a lift-up and a drop-down door options, and for more visibility, you might even want to consider the glass door option.

All the Goldstein pizza ovens come with solid and durable stainless steel legs. They are either standing directly on the floor or stacked on top of each other (with shorter legs). The latest option will allow you to maximize the use of available floor space and reach a maximum production per hour by baking several pizzas at the same time with different temperatures. For the electric models, the top and bottom elements are independently controllable.

All the ovens from the Goldstein range have a large capacity and a high-volume performance. Simply choose the option that will meet your productivity requirements. Are you a small establishment? The single deck unit will be just perfect for you. Are you a large establishment with a high demand? Perhaps you should consider the triple deck unit.

Both electric and gas models can be purchased. The gas version will release the heat from the bottom of the unit, whereas the electric version will release it from both the bottom and top. On both versions, a refractory tile hearth was added to ensure an even heat distribution and an optimum baking - essential feature to bake your pizza base to perfection. Not too soft, not too crunchy but just in the middle to satisfy all pizza lovers visiting your place.

All the Goldstein ovens are proudly designed and made in Australia. Visit Cafeideas website today and discover the Goldstein pizza oven range.

Additionally, if you wish to see by yourself how great these ovens look in a commercial kitchen, we can arrange something for you and visit a customer happily using a Goldstein pizza oven. Simply email sales@cafeideas.com.au for more information.