With so many restaurants and café out there for you to compete with, it is crucial to make your name remembered. How? By providing an excellent customer service. It might sound obvious but so many places still fail to do so.

Customers are at the heart of the hospitality industry and that is why you really need to focus on them. You want them to enjoy the whole experience you deliver, you want them to come back more than once and you definitely do not want them to share bad ratings with other people.

Remember that customers are not here just for food but also for the ambience and the service. Your place, the furniture, equipment, decoration and the whole ambience will have a key role in the experience you deliver. But something else will be even more important: your staff.

Your staff will be the face of your business and will carry your values. Remember, the people working for you are always on stage: they should smile, have a positive attitude and body language. You do not want grumpy waiters scaring customers away!

Be reactive, do not let your customers wander for too long. Give them time to look at the menu and take their order before they start waving at you to catch your attention. Also, focus on their needs and even be able to anticipate them. The customer ordered a steak? Make sure he has a steak knife. People appreciate the small things - they will definitely notice it.

Get the order right. True story: two people ordering a stack of pancakes and getting baked eggs instead. 1 hour later and two starving customers still waiting for their pancakes, you get two unhappy fellows who will not visit your place any time soon.

Customers are always right, remember that too! Even if they are wrong, they are right! Welcome any enquiry with serious and deal with it the way it should be. Do not make the customers feel embarrassed or they will get even angrier.

Excellent customer service is also about personalization. Try to remember your loyal customers’ names or any kind of information; it will surely make them feel special. You know, when you visit your favorite café around the corner and the waitress knows your name and already knows what you will order when you walk in? Doesn’t it make you feel special?

Fond farewell. Invite your customers to return and make them know they are welcome - next time they are around they will come back to you for sure.

Remember, if you are not taking care of your customers, your competitors will. Think about it and make a change today!