Since its beginning in 1941, the Swedish company Hallde has been designing and manufacturing heavy duty commercial food preparation machines and food processors. During all these years, Hallde became synonym of quality and reliability.

Today, all lights are on the RG-50 vegetable preparation machine. You might not know it yet, but this model could be your best assistant to slice, crimp slices, dice, shred, grate and make julienne. Plus, it can be used to process pretty much everything such as fruits, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc.

This table top model was developed to suit small commercial kitchens. Thanks to its lightweight and compact size, it can be easily put away and brought back on your workbench when needed. The 2 big handles on the sides will make it even easier for you to carry the machine.

Small, yes, but solid and efficient! The machine is made of robust metal: top quality stainless steel and strong polycarbonate. With its powerful motor, the RG-50 model can process up to 2 kg a minute, which corresponds to 80 portions a day.

The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and all loose parts are simple to remove and rinse. This will make the cleaning step easy and quick, almost enjoyable!

Finally, the RG-50 vegetable preparation machine comes with a wide range of accessories and cutting tools and any kind of cutting task can be successfully executed.

Hallde offers a comprehensive range of vegetable preparation machines to suit your requirements, and includes a few other models with various dimensions and production capacities.

Additionally, you can find on Cafeideas website Hallde cutters, mixers and blenders. Browse through our extensive range today and find out more about all our models available.