Sustainability has become such a sensitive topic nowadays, which is why some of our suppliers, such as Hobart, have started to develop solutions that reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to environment protection.

All the way back in Germany where all the Hobart machines are made, the Research & Development team developed the AM series around two main issues: environment protection and operational cost saving. In order for you to save money and contribute to a greener planet, every single element composing the AM models was carefully designed to achieve great results with fewer resources. With the AM series, it’s all about efficiency.

Their wash system ensures more effective cleaning results thanks to an efficient water distribution that avoids any masked areas and provides a broader and more precise spray pattern.

Additionally, the GENIUS-X fine filter system filters the wash water continuously and pumps out the soil particles. This is really important, as permanently clean wash water is the key requirement for an optimal wash result with less detergent.

Consistently high wash temperature will also be needed to reach excellent results as it extracts maximum cleaning performance from the wash water and optimize detergent performance. Finally, the E-STORE system was developed to maintain heat in the machine. This allows maintaining consistent wash results, as well as saving energy and reducing operating costs. Thanks to this system plus the hood insulation helping to further retain valuable energy during operation, you can save up to 3.5kWh.

Secondly, with the ACCURINSE system you can save on water bills. This system “pulls” rather than “pushes” the rinse water through the booster and is totally independent of flow pressure on site, thus preventing any mixing incoming cold water. It delivers precisely 2.0L of fresh water every cycle and allows saving up to 17%* water, energy, detergent, and rinse aid.

Finally, with a 440mm usable high, Hobart washing machines can wash a great variety of dishes and utensils. Plus, the EASY-LIFT innovative hood design reduces the physical stain on machine operators and is optimized for one hand operation. Visit Cafeideas today and discover the AM series that reduces water consumption and lower energy usage.

* Figures provided by Hobart.