Last year we told you all about our Hoshisaki ice machines. Today, as we draw closer to summer, we keep you updated with new products freshly added to our extensive range of refrigeration equipment.

Discover today the Hoshizaki chillers and freezers. Perfect for everyday commercial kitchen usage, they are reliable, easy to maintain and offer great flexibility.

The Hoshizaki series includes chillers, freezers, uprights, countertops, single and double-doors. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all needs, these cabinets were designed around your needs and requirements.


Their clever design allows you to easily keep them clean at all times. It is well known that cleaning is a great activity to reconnect with yourself, but who has time for that in a busy commercial kitchen? That being said, hygiene matters a lot and that is why Hoshizaki made it easier for you to keep your units and kitchen spotless clean.

First, all units are equipped with a front loader air filter easily accessible for effortless cleaning or replacement. Then, the stainless interior and base with rounded edges represent another smart element allowing quick and efficient cleaning. Plus, you can easily remove the door gasket without the need for tool and clean them as often as you feel like.

The other cool thing about the Hoshizaki units is the fact they offer great flexibility. Where most of other brands’ units range between 700 and 750 mm deep, the Hoshisaki series offers more flexibility with 600mm deep units that fit under any benches.

Last but not least, all the Hoshizaki units are HACCP approved, which means they comply with the preventative food safety system analyzing microbiological, physical and chemical hazards. In other words, these units will allow to safely store all your foods.


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