Since its beginning in 1988, our supplier LKK has been designing and manufacturing commercial cooking equipment. Thank to their know-how and the ever-improving technologies used, they are today able to offer a reliable and impressively extensive range of appliances including burner woks, cooktops, chargrills, griddles and burner + griddle models.

All the LKK items represent a perfect combination of a high quality construction, a modern design and an affordable price. Today we focus on our OB series, which includes our best seller: the LKKOB6 6 open burner cooktop. This series comes with a variety of configurations designed to save space and fit in any kitchen layout.

Design and construction
The LKK OB series includes freestanding models with a modern and elegant design. Their full stainless steel construction makes them solid, durable and also gives them a nice shine.

They come with a splash back, high enough to prevent the aspirant painters among your staff from coloring the wall behind and dirtying around. Their adjustable front feet and rear rollers allow you to find the perfect height.

All units are fully modular and you can select your very own settings. Natural gas or LPG? 2,4,6 or 8 burners? Side grill plate on the left or on the right? It’s up to you! Visit Cafeideas website today to read full specifications about each model.

The LKK units are equipped with a standard flame failure technology, which means that if pilot flames go out it will shut down the main flow of gas to the burner. When the main flow of gas is shut down it will prevent the opportunity of large amounts of gas to build up which could ignite and cause an explosion.

Because units are made of a stainless steel exterior, they are extremely easy to clean. Additionally, burner caps and drip trays are removable, which makes the cleaning even easier.

The LKK OB series goes from $1,000 to slightly over $3,000. Discover the range today and discover the numerous other series available at Cafeideas.