LKK Pasta & Noodle Cooker A while ago we added this brand new LKK pasta and noodle cooker to our website and didn’t get the chance to introduce it properly. After visiting our supplier’s stand at the FineFood trade show 2 weeks ago and having an individual training, we decided it was about time to tell you all about the LKKPC40 noodle and pasta cooker.

LKK Pasta & Noodle CookerAs mentioned in a previous article, LKK has been offering reliable and affordable kitchen equipment for over 25 years. All models have a modern design and are fully modular in order to suit any kitchen set-up. If you have a look at their extensive range, you will find both Asian and Western types of equipment, including the new LKK pasta and noodle cooker.

Does your menu include Asian and Western recipes? This cooker is for you! The LKKPC40 cooker is extremely versatile and can be used to cook a great variety of Asian noodles and any other kind of pasta. Definitely a great piece of equipment to have in your kitchen!

It is ideal for busy kitchens with fast-paced environments and high demand. Its large 25-litre capacity tank and 2 powerful burners will allow you to perform better, faster and stronger. It will allow you to cook important quantities and gracefully face rush moments. And with a flame failure safety device you can be sure you won’t set the whole place on fire while excitingly cooking wonders!

LKK Pasta & Noodle CookerBesides, its solid stainless steel construction is synonym of reliability, durability and will not let you down when you need it most. Plus, you will surely enjoy the shining finish that will make your kitchen brighter!

This LKKPC40 model comes with 6 noodle or pasta baskets, here displayed on the picture. Simply specify on order. To make the most of this unique model, don’t limit yourself and purchase extra baskets to have the complete range of accessories available.

Last but not least, the LKKPC40 was designed in a way that allows you to easily keep it clean at any moment. The burner tubes were carefully positioned across the vat, hence enabling you to wipe effortlessly.

Visit Cafeideas website today and discover all about the new LKKPC40 pasta and noodle cooker.