The challenge
La Cita (pronounced La See-ta) Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub is a high energy, high movement venue where constant upkeep must be done to maintain appearance and standards of safety and hygiene. Around the middle of 2014, owner Abe Mafi identified the need to purchase again new tables and chairs that could stand up to the heavy duty traffic. Abe sought new suppliers and began his search online. Noticing that Caféideas supplied many other Sydney establishments (and indeed, businesses across Australia), he decided to come in to the store to have a look in person.

“I was really impressed with Caféideas, even from looking at their website,” Abe explains. “They have good quality, plenty of options and they had a showroom that I could visit to choose what I needed.”

Once at the showroom, Abe was served by Vibha who became his representative throughout the transaction.

What problems had you experienced?
Originally, Abe would import tables and chairs from China, attempting to keep costs low. While cost was a positive factor – especially given that these items need to be replaced every two years or so – it was not possible to obtain replacements at short notice, should anything become damaged.

“We move our tables and chairs around a lot to accommodate different events, customer numbers and a range of activities we offer at La Cita. Now that we are dealing with Caféideas, we realise that it’s going to be a whole lot easier to have a local supplier.”

When doing his due diligence and looking into who else was using Caféideas, Abe was pleased with what he found. “Mind you, when I saw the way the place was functioning – and it was very impressive – I didn’t need to ask around. I simply decided for myself.”

Abe explains that he was happy with the ‘no hassle’ customer service, the quality of the products and the simplicity with which the transaction was conducted. “Everything arrived in excellent condition and on time and I was fully satisfied with the company’s terms and conditions.”

When asked if he would continue to use Caféideas for his tables and chairs purchases, he was quick to reply: “Absolutely. I see no reason to change now.”

About La Cita Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub
La Cita is the brainchild of Swedish world traveller, Abe Mafi. Starting in the hospitality industry in 1986, his first big foray into restaurant ownership came when he established a club in Tokyo in 1990. Named ‘Salsa Sudata’ (Spanish for ‘sweaty salsa’), the venue was such a success that it continues to be a favourite destination for Tokyo locals and tourists to this day. In October 2003, after more travels and absorbing more inspiration over the years, Abe decided the time was ripe to open a new, exciting venue in Australia. When he settled on the location – a new development at Kings Wharf – he purchased the site off the plan and built La Cita from the ground up.

Somewhat of a ‘sister venue’ to Salsa Sudata, La Cita is a concept different from anything else available in Sydney today. “It’s the concept, the flavour of the music, we are a one stop shop and we welcome patrons from age 20 right through to 70. We’re above all fun and exciting,” Abe says.

With two levels of entertainment and dining, there is plenty of room for the crowds of revellers who come in looking for much more than a meal and a drink. “It’s an amazing ambience,” Abe enthuses. “People who come here know that they can get some incredible South and Central American cuisine and wonderful drinks and they can have a dance into the early hours. Even the older people come to dance and they are happily embraced by the younger crowd. It’s fun and light and energetic.”

La Cita’s menu features all-you-can-eat churrasco as well as speciality dishes that hail from Colombia, Mexico and Peru. But customers can also be assured of a great steak, fresh seafood and other traditional Aussie fare.

Frequented by Sydney locals, interstate visitors and international tourists, La Cita has been running hot for more than 12 years and Abe is exceptionally proud of its longevity. “To be going for 12 years, there must be something pretty good about it!” he smiles.