Our broad range of kitchen equipment currently counts hundreds of brands and products, and we know it’s a challenge for you (and even for us!) to remember all of them. Today, we spotlight Nemco, an US manufacturer. Created in 1976, they have developed their know-how and provided the hospitality industry with a simply yet clever line of manually operated food preparation equipment. All products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the US.

Among other items, the Nemco range includes a great lettuce cutter and vegetable slicer we want to tell you about.

The Nemco lettuce cutter can tackle all sorts of food preparation cutting jobs. Cut your lettuce, chicken, melon and so much more … It will only take you a few seconds and one move of your arm.

With only one single handle to operate, the Nemco lettuce cutter is extremely easy to use. It is handy and compact, which makes it possible to move around your counter effortlessly. Its extra-sharp blades allow a clean cut for the lettuce to stay fresh longer with no rusting or browning.

Its stainless steel and cast aluminum construction makes it very solid and durable. Plus, it has angled legs and no-slip feet, making it very stable and safe.

And because there is no time to waste on cleaning either, blades and pusher head were designed to come easily apart and allow you to clean without using extra tools.

The Nemco vegetable slicer is ideal to make easy, fast, precise and consistent work of fruits and vegetables. Versatile, it can slice and shred anything. Super easy to use, you can even let your most inexperienced kitchen personnel use this tool! Plus, with its suction-cup feet, it is incredibly stable and safe. Compact and portable, it is also easy to carry around your counter.

These Nemco lettuce cutter and vegetable slicer are simple tools you might want to add to your current range of bench top equipment. They are affordable and will save you a lot of time! Check out the video below. Alternatively, visit Cafeideas website and browse through the range.