In our never-ending quest to find hidden gems, we traveled the world and visited exotic countries to finally bring back something amazing. For you, our dear customers, there is no mountain high enough. Discover today our brand new industrial furniture. We love them and hope you will too!

Kate Ottoman

The Kate Ottoman. This model is available in 2 versions, both extremely lovely. First, we have the rubberwood one, composed of a round wooden seat with a gold walnut brushed finish. The 2nd version is composed of a round upholstered PVC in brown. Both have powder-coated matt-black legs. Its unique sprawling shapes might confuse at first but you will quickly adopt and love them. Perfectly balanced and ergonomic, we have no doubt you will enjoy the perfectly-adjusted footrest.

Hairpin Ottoman

The Hairpin Ottoman. This model too counts 2 versions. The wooden one, looking like milk chocolate, and the upholstered PVC one, slightly darker and looking more like dark chocolate. Both have matt-black legs. While this model doesn’t have any footrest, it doesn’t look any less interesting.

To match with these awesome stools, we also have new industrial table tops. Made in Australia, these square wooden table tops are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs. You can either use them indoor or outdoor but undercover to protect them. Different styles are available, as well as different dimensions – you can choose from 60, 70 or 80cm.

You can start getting excited today but please keep in mind that lead time applies for the table tops.

Industrial Furniture

Industrial Furniture

Industrial Furniture






 Visit Cafeideas website today and if you are near by, come to our showroom in Chippendale and have a look !