New Unox Ovens

“Better is worse than good enough” they’re used to saying. Looking at what Unox did with their new ranges of combi ovens, it looks like “better” can actually be much better!

You might have seen it already; the new Unox BakerTop and ChefTop ranges are now available at Cafeideas. Get excited! These new combi ovens become an extension of the chef’s mind and hands. It’s not quite science fiction but almost! The new Unox ovens have amazingly cool features and you will love it. They are very similar and very different at the same time, but don’t get confused and instead allow us to tell you all about it!

Don’t select a cooking program, draw yours!
Probably the main wow feature, this new technology will blow your mind. You can now draw your cooking program – think about it for second, how cool is that! Are you the kind of person who gets so enthusiastic in the kitchen that you lose words to describe your recipes? Then this feature is for you and it will revolutionize your cooking experience! With the MIND.Maps technology you can draw cooking processes made of infinite steps with one simple touch. This will allow much more flexibility and accuracy.

Don’t be scared of this groundbreaking technology; it was developed to make your life easier and is certainly ergonomic. Plus, after purchasing your combi oven, a Unox Active Marketing Chef will visit you to check the install of the oven and provide a comprehensive training. Isn’t it ideal to be trained by a chef who knows what he’s talking about and understands your challenges? If you’d like to find out more about the Top.Training program, click here.

Watch this short video featuring the MIND.Maps technology

The more options, the better.
Before you could choose between 2 options, gas or electric, but now you can choose from 3 options including, PLUS electric , ONE electric and PLUS gas. MIND.Maps PLUS is the ultimate combi oven, packed with features and the latest technologies. MIND.Maps ONE has less features but they are both here to challenge the future.

La mise en place (available on the “plus” options only).
MISE.EN.PLACE is a clever technology allowing you to synchronize the food loading in the baking chamber to have every pan ready at the same time. Simply enter information about ingredients used, cooking times and let the oven tell you when to load each tray.

Don’t be afraid to multi-task.
With the new MULTI.Time technology, you can manage up to 10 timers to cook or bake different products at the same time. This feature alone will allow you to exponentially increase your productivity!

The new UNOX guarantee, your best cooked food, at the quickest return of investment, every single day.

Many more features to discover! Visit Cafeideas website today to find out more or call (02) 9690 2116 to ask all your burning questions.

Listen to Chef Sean Cunnington explaining the MIND.Maps technology