Oliver Brown is a boutique chocolate cafe that was first established in Sydney in 2010 and since, have opened in nearly forty locations, with Brisbane’s first two stores – Garden City and Indooroopilly – set to open later in 2015. When Business Development Manager Ivan Kwag from Oliver Brown was looking for new outdoor chairs, he found the solution at Cafeideas.

The challenge

Oliver Brown’s outdoor chairs were originally supplied by a different company but unfortunately, customers were complaining that the legs were wobbly or breaking and that the chairs didn’t feel safe or comfortable. “We’re all about comfort and a great experience for our customers,” says Ivan. “We needed to find new chairs that would not just be suitable for comfort but which would be safe and problem-free as well.”

How Cafeideas helped

Ivan set about searching for chair suppliers online and the short list included Cafeideas. “We went to visit each supplier,” Ivan explains, “but we were instantly amazed by the superior level of service provided by Cafeideas.”

Cafeideas’ General Manager Damien Aitken personally oversaw Ivan’s requirements for Oliver Brown. “We were very grateful to have the assistance of the GM. Damien was easy to contact, always had things delivered quickly to us and had all the systems in place to get everything done perfectly.”

The Parisian arm chair is the product that Oliver Brown ultimately purchased from Cafeideas and it is a highly durable outdoor chair that would not let customers – or the business – down. “We could see right away that it would be perfect for our needs,” Ivan says. “And we were pleasantly surprised that this particular chair was not only of a much better quality than what we had been using, but it was also even cheaper!”

Furthermore, Ivan was pleased with the systems Cafeideas has in place, to ensure a smooth transaction every time. “Now whenever we need more chairs, we don’t have to go into a store, Damien will just keep supplying them to us on demand. We’ve experienced no faults, no complaints, no issues at all. Delivery is always good and we can literally place an order via email and within an hour or so, we’ll have a confirmation email back, complete with the invoice and delivery time frame.”

Never having to follow up has been an important element of the Cafeideas experience. “It’s a stress I don’t need to deal with,” Ivan explains. “I know the job will be done on that day and I don’t have to think about it.”

About Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown was established in 2010 after both founders returned from a trip around Europe and discovered Belgian chocolate. They had noticed a growing trend in consumers’ expectations for quality foods and quality ingredients due to the popularity of TV programs such as MasterChef. Piggy-backing on the developing culture, Oliver Brown put down roots in Sydney.

Today, there are over forty Oliver Brown outlets and the company remains determined to serve its customers a wonderful experience along with quality chocolate desserts and coffee. GM of Marketing, David Kwag says the stores are designed with comfort in mind so that customers can stay as long as they want to do what they need to. “We have students come in to do their assignments and take advantage of our free wi-fi while enjoying their favourite sweet treats or a light snack. We welcome customers who need to drop in for a quick business meeting then be on their way or those who want to catch up with girlfriends or even just read a book.”

Detail-oriented design at Oliver Brown sets the tone for sophisticated but approachable ambience. Meanwhile, the menu highlights exquisite Belgian whole chocolate. “We know our customers want something much better than powdered chocolate,” David says. “All of our chocolate and mocha drinks feature top quality Belgian chocolate buds that melt right through. You really can’t compare this with powdered chocolate.”

As Oliver Brown continues to spread its chocolatey goodness throughout Australia, there is one thing for certain … those outdoor chairs from Cafeideas will go the distance and provide comfortable, inviting seating for an ever-growing fan base.