As you certainly already know, the new outdoor smoking ban will soon take effect. In order to protect us from second-hand tobacco smoke, all commercial outdoor dining areas will be smoke-free from Monday 6th of July 2015.

The 4 meter law will apply, meaning that it will be forbidden to smoke within 4 meters of an entrance to or exit from a restaurant, pub, cafe or club. Additionally, smoking will be banned in any seated outdoor dining area of a cafe, restaurant or licensed venue while food is being served.

In order to keep your business competitive and avoid to loose potential smoking smokers, you will be allowed to create designated outdoor smoking areas. However they should not be located within 4 meters of the seated dining area and must meet other requirements.

“No smoking” signage must also be displayed within outdoor dining areas. Click here and order today free posters, flyers and signs compliant with Smoke-free environment regulation 2007.

You can download the factsheet here. Additionally, you can receive updates by registering here. For full information, visit NSW Health website today.

Heavy fines apply so you better be prepared!