Today we talk about chocolate, an extremely serious topic among our community, especially with Easter just 3 weeks away. But don’t worry, you still have heaps of time to purchase all necessary equipment and offer your customers an amazingly chocolaty experience. Preparing chocolate fondue, hot chocolate drinks and waffles coated with chocolate … it all becomes possible, easy and affordable. Isn’t it exciting?

First, have a look at our Roband range of chocolate tampering bain-marie. These units are designed especially for tempering chocolate and holding it at a predetermined temperature. It is ideal for coating food such as strawberry chocolate, apple chocolate, waffle chocolate, ice-cream cone chocolate… the list goes on. Your imagination will be your only limit !

Various sizes are available but in general, these Roband units are little and can be easily fitted anywhere on your counter.

Thank to their double skin tank and their ultra-durable stainless steel elements, you can be assured they will not let you down in the middle of a coating operation. You never really know how far angry hungry customers could go to get their hot chocolate – and you prefer not to find out, believe me !

Finally, these Roband units are equipped with an accurate thermostat control. This is an essential feature that will prevent you from boiling / burning the chocolate and keep it at the right temperature.

Additionally, we have a few Semak chocolate dispensers available on our website. These units are equipped with a gentle stirring mechanism that ensures delicious and fresh hot chocolate, ready to be poured straight into your cup thank to a tap located on the side.

The adjustable thermostat control allows you to set the desired temperature and keep the chocolate warm at all time.

Last but not least, these units are 100% safe. Because the liquid they contain can be very hot, they were completed with an insulated hot water tank and an anti-stick warming bowl, which is easily removable for a quick and happy cleaning.

If you too you feel like licking your computer screen after reading this article and you wish to share your love for chocolate with all your customers, visit Cafeideas website today and discover the entire range. You will find several more items and brands, including the Anvil induction warmer, the HotmixPRO thermal mixer and the Dipo portable induction cooker.