Roband SycloidElegantly designed and crafted, the revolutionary Sycloid® toaster from Roband sets a new standard for high-speed toast production. Its stylish modern brushed exterior houses a cleverly engineered machine that provides truly functional energy efficient operation and outstanding toasting results time after time.

The machine’s “Cool touch” feature means that staff and patrons can safely use the toaster with no risk of being burnt. The Sycloid® is also robust in design featuring durable stainless steel elements and a reliable conveyor mechanism. Furthermore, it also provides intelligent energy efficient operation by scaling back energy consumption during quiet periods and automatic detection when a slice of toast is placed in the machine.

With the stylishly sculpted toast return chute and LED lighting providing easy and illuminated viewing of the toast holding bay, your customers can easily see when their toast is ready from across the buffet. No more crowds forming around, impatiently waiting for their toast to be ready! Plus, the wide opening of the bay allows easy access to toast.

Roband Sycloid

Finally, you will appreciate the slide-out crumb tray feature, making it much easier for you to clean every day.

The Sycloid® toaster is optimized to handle bread up to 20 mm thickness however can accommodate toast up to 30mm thickness. The range features two models which are functionally the same, but with different power input and toast production output. The ST350A has a 10amp plug and toasts up to 350 slices per hour, whilst the ST500A has a 15amp plug and toasts up to 500 slices per hour.

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