Because you surely want the best for your customers when they visit your restaurant, there are a few things you will have to look after to make their experience memorable. And one of them will be food, of course.

In order to serve them mouth-watering food, you will have to make sure it is perfectly warm. And because appearance is crucial in the food industry, you will also need to make sure it looks great. The good news is that you can easily reach these two goals with one same accessory: a heat lamp.

Roband has just launched a new line of quartz heat lamps. For use either front or back house for overhead heating in food preparation and serving areas, these units come fitted with quartz halogen globes engineered to give a balance of heat and light

The globes feature a protective quartz glass outer layer, protecting the delicate inner globe glass from finger print damage. This outer layer of glass also contains fragments of glass in the event that the globe unexpectedly shatters, thereby eliminating the need for a glass window on the underside of the lamp body. 

Additionally, there is a simple and easy-to-open wire guard that protects the globe from physical damage. Simply pinch it to open and replace the globe.

The standard heat lamp assemblies come with a control box that houses the isolating on/off switch. They are also available without the control box and on/off switch so they can be connected to a remote switch set up.

For your convenience, the new Roband range now features Easy Fit globes. This new model looks very similar to the previous one with the same features such as power, length, lamp position and the mounting system. The difference is that it was redesigned to accommodate the Easy Fit globes and make it possible for you to replace, if necessary, the globes in a matter of seconds and without the need for an electrician.

What’s in it for you? Many benefits! Having a heat lamp will enable you to keep your food perfectly warm and moist without drying. Additionally, it will be succulent for far longer. With this new Roband model, you will save time – quick and easy to change the globes, and you will save money – you can replace the globe without the need for an electrician.

Check our Roband Heat Lamps range available at Cafeideas today.