Robot Coupe, inventor and leader in food preparation equipment, has just launched Robot Cook, the first professional cooking cutter blender. Easy, autonomous, practical, powerful, precise, hygienic and silent, it is the perfect Kitchen Assistant!

Emulsifying, grinding, mixing, chopping, blending, kneading… it all becomes possible with Robot Cook. Béchamel sauce, Béarnaise sauce, Hollandaise sauce, custard, choux pastry, chocolate frosting, and seafood bisque the possibilities are endless!

Robot Cook is easy to use with its variable speed function of 100 to 3,500 rpm. With its simple control panel, you can easily activate the turbo pulse option and reach 4,500 rpm. Additionally, you can use the programming function and save up to 9 recipes. You can entrust your recipes to the latest member of the Robot Coupe family and focus on innovating and preparing new recipes. Robot Cook’s autonomy will surely stimulate your imagination!

Robot Cook is practical. An opening in the center of the lid was designed to allow you to add extra ingredients into the bowl without having to stop the preparation of the recipe. On top of that, an anti-vapor lid wiper was added to ensure perfect visibility during processing. And because Robot Cook is a meticulous assistant, it is equipped with an intermittent function to keep the food preparation hot.

Robot Cook is powerful and enables you to be more efficient. Built with a very robust induction motor and a large 3.7L capacity bowl, it allows you to minimize the preparation time of your recipes and easily produce sufficient quantities for your needs.

And because quality is as important as quantity, Robot Cook was equipped with high precision blade in the bottom of the bowl. Additionally, its modular heat capacity can reach up to 140°C, accurate to the nearest degree.

Robot Cook is hygienic and all parts in contact with food are easily removed and are dishwasher safe. Last but not least, Robot Cook is silent. In the busy and noisy kitchen, the chefs will appreciate this feature. Also, you will be able to hear your customers’ delight from the kitchen!

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