The Robot Coupe power mixers family welcomes the brand new MicroMix stick blender. Our current range counts a series of mini mixers ideal for small quantities, compact mixers ideal for restaurants, and large mixers ideal for institutional and commercial caterers.

The new MicroMix mixer sits at the entry of the range and is ideal to handle small quantities. Extremely versatile, it will be your new magic weapon to prepare succulent soups and sauces, as well as produce delightful emulsions.

Are you into molecular cuisine or simply wish to add fluffiness to your dishes? With MicroMix, you can choose to explore new culinary paths.

Like the rest of the range, the MicroMix is robust and durable. With its sturdy stainless steel tube, it is powerful and allows you to prepare wonders in seconds.

For more convenience, the speed adjustment knob was ergonomically designed and placed, allowing you to keep a good grip on the mixer and use it effortlessly. To improve your experience, an extendable-coiled power cord was also added.

The big novelty of this MicroMix blender is Aeromix, a patented tool specially designed to produce light and airy emulsions. Thanks to the unique shape of the blade, you will be able to produce foamy vinaigrettes, hollandaise and other adventurous sauces. Give a whole new substance to your toppings and a new dimension to your menu.

Want to add a delicate touch to your dishes? Something new to your menu? Something modern to your current style? The MicroMix will help you reach all these goals! Check it out today !