While “mixing” is a very general term, there is more than one type of mixers. A while ago we wrote about our range of spiral dough mixers. Today we’ve decided to tell you more about our planetary mixers.

What an interesting name, some of you might think. It is actually named for its complete 3 dimensional mixing: the blades rotate on their own axis and on a common axis. Spinning blades are carried around the bowl in a circulation / elliptical pattern and this offers a great degree of mixing.

Planetary mixers also offer great versatility as they can operate at different speeds and temperatures. They come with various mixing attachments and allow you to blend, aerate, mix, whip and stir different sorts of mixtures, solids and liquids.

They are ideal for restaurants, bakeries and institutions and represent the perfect partner for professional cooks.

Discover today our Robot Coupe range of planetary mixers. These mixers are durable, reliable with their powerful motor, as well as productive (you can choose from a 5L to 80L stainless steel bowl). Finally, they are safe and ergonomic with their emergency stop button and safety guard that can be easily taken off and cleaned.

Thanks to Robot Coupe extensive range, it will be easy for you to find the model that best suits your requirements.

We have many other brands available including: Hobart, Paramount, ItalMix, Anvil, Minneapolis, F.E.D.