Even though the French cuisine counts numerous mouth-watering recipes, crepes have somehow managed to become the best-known dish from this beautiful country. Crepes have become a symbol, more, a synonym of France.

Making crepes has become a national pride, so yes, you can trust our French supplier Roller Grill, they sure know how to make the best crepes ever. It is a serious matter. With their 6 models and a full range of accessories, 100% made in France, Roller Grill offers you a complete solution that can be simply purchased and used.

All the models are made of a solid and durable stainless steel construction that perfectly resists heat damage. Plus, its shining finish gives it a pleasing appearance.

Plates are made of cast iron. This material has many benefits. First, it is an excellent heat conductor and it allows a better and even cooking. Second, it doesn’t scratch and lasts for decades. You can use any kind of utensils, plastic or metal. Finally, cast iron renders the plates nonstick so you do not need to add oil and your crepes will be lighter and non-greasy. It also avoids the toxic fumes that accompany most non-stick cookware and keep your place clean and fresh.

A temperature thermostat is located on the front of the units so you can easily adjust the temperature at any moment. Be aware, it is a critical element! A too-cooked crepe will be crunchy and a not-enough-cooked crepe will be indigestible. You don’t want to disappoint your customers, do you ?

The Roller Grill range includes single and double plate options, as well as 350 mm and 400 mm diameter options. Simply choose the combination that will best meet your requirements. All units come with a timber spreader tool.

Some say the quality of your crepes depends on the quality of the batter, some others say it depends on the way you spread the batter or the cooking temperature. At Cafeideas we believe all elements matter. We proudly supply Roller Grill crepe machines and stand by the French know-how and the quality of these units.

With winter just a few weeks away, start thinking today about the French options you can include in your menu. Of course, you can also include the American cousins, pancakes. Visit Cafeideas today and browse through our range. You can also get some inspiration here.

Bon appétit!

Please note, this article was written by a French person, hence the love for French crepes hidden behind the words of this article!