Thinking about replacing your current blender or purchasing a new one? You’ve come to the right place! We have an extensive range of drink machines including blenders, juice extractors and milkshake mixers. Today, we tell you more about our Santos#62 brushless blender.

Unlike universal motors, brushless motors have no brush – this one was easy to guess! In a brushless motor, the permanent magnets are based on the central rotor and the electromagnets are on the stator. Not following us? It doesn’t matter! Believe us, a brushless motor does make the difference and presents many advantages in terms of efficiency, lifespan and noise level.

The Santos#62 is ideal for juice bars, fast food, hotels and can make any kind of cocktails, juices, milkshakes, granitas and iced-coffees.


Thanks to its brushless motor (whose structure has no more secret for you), the Santos#62 can crush fruits, vegetables and hard ice cubes in a few seconds in order to obtain the perfect drinks.


The Santos#62 is extremely simple to use. Its tactile control panel with LCD display and 6 programmable buttons couldn’t be easier to use. This model comes with 30 pre-programmed recipes and a USB port that allows you to import your own recipes and create infinite programs possibilities! Pre-programmed recipes will allow you to offer the same quality every time you prepare a drink. You will also be able to be more efficient and do something else while your drink is being prepared. Finally, thanks to its sober design and compact dimensions, you can fit the Santos#62 everywhere. It is available in both bench top and in-counter versions.


The brushless motor considerably reduces the electrical noise and is extremely quiet. You (and your customers) will certainly appreciate this feature. The removable sound enclosure and sound reducing pad also help to significantly reduce the noise level.


The main parts of the Santos#62 blender, including the removable sound enclosure, the pad and the jar, can be cleaned easily with hot soapy water or put in a dishwasher.


As we know it can get messily wet in the kitchen during rush hours, the on/off interlock switch was made waterproof. And because it can also get really hot at the same time, an internal thermal detector was added to protect the motor against overheating. All appliances are 100% tested after assembly and before being sent to you.

Discover Santos#62 today and give it a try, it might become your best assistant – efficient, clean and silent!

In the video below, you can witness how easy it is to use the Santos#62 blender.


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