As you may have noticed, we are big coffee lovers at Cafeideas and we happily provide you with an extensive range of coffee machines, grinders and accessories. Among our suppliers, we proudly count Boema, an Australian manufacturer established in 1956. A recent article was published about them on the Café Owners & Baristas Association of Australia (COBAA) website, go have a look.  The Boema team is committed to quality and reliability and that’s how they have come to us with the new Schaerer Coffee Prime.

This Schaerer Coffee Prime is quite different from what we already have on our website as it is a self-service machine. It is ideal for places with rather small coffee consumption, such as offices, cafes, universities, hospitals, sport centers, cultural events, workshops, filling stations or car dealerships… the list goes on. 

The great thing about the Schaerer Prime Coffee is that it is instinctive and very easy to use. You are guided throughout the process thanks to color-guided operation and display messages letting you know when to fill the water tank, the bean hopper or empty the grounds container.

The standard equipment includes a grinder with bean hopper for 700 grams of beans, a 7” touch screen user panel, a pivoting cup platform, a grounds container for approximately 35 coffee grounds cakes and a drip grid of nickel-chromium steel. Additionally, many options can be added, such as a 2nd grinder with bean hopper, a side-cooling unit, a powder system, a cup dispenser, an under-counter grounds disposal. Visit Cafeideas website to see the full list of specifications.

Despite the lengthy list of options available, the Schaerer Coffee Prime manages to maintain a classy and seductive design. With its modular design and various degrees of expansion, the coffee machine can be conveniently retrofitted on location to meet your needs. This way, you can keep your initial investment low and add options as you go. See by yourself, we can definitely talk about a successful expansion!

The Schaerer Coffee Prime only requires minimum cleaning and maintenance. There is no cleaning required for the milk system and an automatic coffee system cleaning program was set up.

And for the reluctant ones suspecting the taste might not be there, well we are sorry to advise you might be wrong (please, do not take it personally!). Thanks to professional fine adjustments of all beverage parameters, you can get perfectly well made coffees. Additionally, with the air pump technology, you get a consistent milk foam quality. The Schaerer Coffee Prime produces up to 40 freely programmable beverages containing coffee, fresh milk, chocolate powder and more – highest quality beverages at the press of a button. Isn’t it wonderful? 

With the Schaerer Coffee Prime, you can aim for high quality and keep your initial investment low. Discover this new coffee machine today and while you’re at it, browse through our range of Boema items.