Smile, summer is back! Sunny days are synonym of happy days. They are also synonym of barbecue time. Whoopee! It is now time for you to dust this section of your menu that was sadly left aside during cold and wintery days. You know, these meals that your customers tended to forget about because they momentarily lost their barbecue spirit. Well, it’s time for you to celebrate it again! And guess what, we have a great range of Semak charcoal spits that you will be excited to hear about.

The Semak charcoal spit range has everything you need in a rotisserie set: a solid frame, a heavy-duty motor and high-quality stainless steel accessories.

All models are made of a sturdy steel frame with a heat resistant coating for total safety. The range includes different paint options you can choose from: stainless steel and black fireproof.

Its powerful and long-lasting motor will not cut out when your meal is just about to be ready, which is a great feature that will save you from angry hungry-customers.

Besides, thanks to its fully adjustable spit bar that can stand up to 25kg and a high-quality swivel, you will be able to get a consistent cooking.All the models come with chrome grill plates – to find out more, visit Cafeideas website.

The Semak range of charcoal spits is easy to use and carry around. No matter if you are an experienced spit roaster or a novice, you will be able to work wonders! With removable legs and spit holders, the whole package will fit anywhere so you can take your charcoal spit everywhere.

Last but not least, charcoal cooking will allow you get this better and smokier flavor. The dry heat of charcoal sears the meat and creates a crusty, caramelized exterior. Ask your meat-lover friends, they will tell you all about it!

With numerous models varying in size, color and capacity, the Semak charcoal spit range will be your ideal companion for charcoal cooking. Visit Cafeideas website today to find out more.