Discover today Irinox, the new range of blast chillers and shock freezers developed by Skope.

From restaurants to caterers, from cafes to ice cream manufacturers, the Irinox range is suitable for all foodservice and food preparation industries. Its new technology ensures extended food freshness, greater food management, reduced costs and improved food safety standards.

The advantages of using an Irinox system:

✓ Pre-prepare meals without compromising food texture, flavour and freshness
✓ Cool and freeze food with speed and delicacy
✓ Continuously serve high quality food
✓ Reduce production costs
✓ Reduce food wastage
✓ Limit food weight loss
✓ Preserve food for longer

The results:

✓ Greater food management
✓ Maximum food quality, freshness and consistency
✓ Expand food menu options
✓ Better organisation
✓ Quicker customer service
✓ Improved safety standards
✓ Significant ongoing savings
✓ Ability to work smarter and boost profits

Are you baking croissants? The Irinox range has an ideal cycle for rising and preserving leavened dough. The cycle lets it rise and holds it until it is time to go into the oven.
Are you cooking specific types of meat or fish? The Irinox range has another cycle allowing you to enhance flavor and aroma and ensure even cooking and color preservation.

No matter what your needs are, you can choose from different cycles: delicate chilling, strong chilling, delicate freezer, and strong freezing. One will allow you to preserve maximum quality, aroma, taste and extending shelf life. The other will allow you to crystallize the liquid inside food without damaging its structure, maintaining moisture, texture and color.

Additionally, an innovative magnetic self-closing door was added for more convenience and to help you minimize the risk of temperature drop when the door kept opened for too long.

Finally, the HACCP system helps you to control your food and make sure it is not comprised through oxidation and spread of bacteria in every step of the storage.

Visit Cafeideas today and discover the brand new Irinox range.