Swagath Biryani House is a 145-seat Indian restaurant that takes pride in offering inspired dishes that go beyond the ‘standard Indian fare’ expectations. Owner/Chef Vinay Krishna also runs a second restaurant – Darbar Fine Indian – so he was looking to deal with a supplier that would understand his needs and save him time and money.

The challenge
Vinay explains that he didn’t want to use multiple suppliers in order to establish Swagath Biryani House and also his other restaurant, Darbar Fine Indian. “I pretty much knew from the start what I was looking for so it was great being able to go only to Cafeideas and get what I needed.”

How Cafeideas helped
During his initial searches online, Vinay came across Cafeideas and made the call which was answered by Rachel. Upon going into the store, he was able to have a look at a wide range of products, narrowed down by Rachel according to Vinay’s specifications, to save him time.

“I was looking for something to suit my budget but which would be of a quality that would be reasonable for the price. We found middle of the range items that suit our restaurant perfectly and were within the price bracket we were looking to spend,” Vinay says. “Rachel was able to work out a better price than what was initially shown and we were happy with the final cost.”

Ultimately, in terms of furnishings, Vinay purchased all the tables and chairs from Cafeideas: the Modena armchairs, the Paris table bases and the Hesperides table tops. Additionally, he was glad to be able to buy all the kitchen equipment needed and was impressed with the range and quality.This includes a F.E.D chest freezer, a Roband heat lamp, a Turbofan convection oven, a Scotsman ice machine and an Austune under-counter fridge.

When asked if he would recommend Cafeideas to associates, he said he’d be glad to do so as his own experience with the company was simple and straightforward, saving him time and money in the setup phase. “I didn’t want to have to run around doing everything. Rachel provided great communication and always got back to me quickly when I had questions.”

About Swagath Biryani House
Swagath Biryani House is a 145-seat establishment that serves northern and southern Indian cuisine in what Vinay calls “a fusion that incorporates local produce”. Indeed, his use of scallops and soft shell crab – not used in traditional Indian dishes – is testament to his creativity and desire to infuse his dishes with valued ingredients his customers love.

Chef/Owner Vinay came up through the ranks, first starting out in fast food eateries and moving on to functions catering and restaurants. Eventually, he decided to establish his own restaurant. He started out with basic Indian cuisine but slowly over the years, modified his dishes more to suit the local palate. He is particularly passionate about exploring new ideas and experimenting with ingredients until he comes up with a kind of culinary nirvana.

Stylish in presentation, Swagath Biryani House is the place for families to go when they are looking for a wonderful, authentic Indian meal and to come together as a community. His staff chefs come from different regions and each inspires the menu based on their own local recipes. The menu changes twice a year as ideas are developed into reality.

Vinay also owns Darbar Fine Indian, a higher end restaurant offering special occasion and intimate dining. Spectacular in appearance with its white linens and exposed old stonework, it’s a popular venue for private functions as well as romantic dinners for two.