Over the weekend we attended the coffee experience trade-show taking place at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore park and thought it would be a great opportunity to talk, once again, about coffee, one of the most popular drinks in the world. We love it so much after all!

The Coffee Experience is boutique event gathering about 40 exhibitors and attracting hundreds of coffee lovers. It gives them the opportunity to smell, taste and touch all of the best new coffee products on the market.

We got there at coffee time and directly got overwhelmed by the deliciously familiar smell of coffee. There were busy bees everywhere, excited and ecstatic. Not sure if they were after 10 coffees already or if they were just absolutely thrilled to be there.

Anyway, it’s how our tasting journey began. Us too, we started to fly from stand to stand, sipping coffees like bees gathering nectar. We tasted a Brazilian coffee with a chocolate and caramel flavor - this velvety and syrupy beverage delighted our taste buds! Then we tried a Colombian coffee with a blueberry aftertaste – wow! It was like drinking coffee and eating a blueberry muffin, all at the same time. Imagine the explosion of sensations and flavors in your mouth!

In the meantime, a coffee competition was taking place on the side, providing highly skilled baristas with an opportunity to showcase their coffee making expertise. In front of a roaring crowd, baristas had to replicate patterns such as swans, hearts and Rosetta leave. They were judged on accuracy, cleanliness and time. It was pretty hectic!

And there, in the middle of the hive, was majestically standing Coffee Works Express, one of our favorite coffee machine suppliers. Their name might not sound familiar but you know them well as they bring you great brands such as Wega and Franke coffee machines, Mazzer grinders and Metallurgica Motta jugs and accessories. They were at the Coffee Experience trade-show to introduce their new Polaris 2015 range. Both the matt black and chrome & stainless steel finished panel models were displayed on their stand, shining like diamonds.

Visit Cafeideas to find out more about the new Wega Polaris 2015 coffee machine. Plus, it’s on special in September so we invite you to check it out today!

If you’d like to know more about the exotic caramel and blueberry coffees we had, visit the ONA coffee connoisseurs website.