With ANZAC day just around the corner, you’ve probably noticed that people around you have started to share their very own recipes of ‘the best Anzac biscuits ever’. Yes but, did they tell you about the best oven ever to bake them? No worries, we have this part sorted for you.

The Turbofan 20 series of convection ovens will provide you with what you need. With their modern and smart design, these ovens will look amazing in your front of house. This series offers a new standard in reduced oven footprints, a broader product series and increased loading capacity to suit any application. It enables you to achieve consistent results and evenness of baking.

The Turbofan 20 series offers the following footprint configurations.

All Turbofan convection ovens share the following standard features:

✓ Vitreous enamel oven chamber
✓ Safe-touch vented drop down door
✓ Stay-cool door handle
✓ Heavy-duty door hinges
✓ Easy clean door glass system
✓ 100% recyclable packaging

Single ovens can be mounted on Turbofan stands, all of them being made of stainless steel and having standard 6 trays. These stands come in a flat pack kitset and require simple 10-minute assembly.

Among the Turbofan 20 series, our best sellers are the E22M3 and E27M3.

The E22M3 is a 3-tray half size manual electric convection oven. This model is very simple to use and has a small footprint, which makes it portable and ideal for countertop use and/or small kitchens. It is great for baking of morning and convenience foods such cookies, muffins, biscuits, and even baked potatoes, frozen pizzas. For all your snack and takeout foods, this is the perfect model. Its single direction fan makes the E22M3 oven perfect to use across a wide range of applications.

The E27M3 is a 3-tray full size manual electric convection oven. It provides an increased heating power and capacity as it offers the output of three full trays. Its single bi-directional reversing fan system allows the heat to circulate efficiently and effectively. The E27M3 oven is ideal for delivering a variety of perfectly baked and cooked goods.

Both models are perfect to bake ANZAC biscuits. It only depends on the quantity. Buy your oven today and start baking tomorrow.

Visit Cafeideas website today to find out more about the Turbofan 20 series and the rest of the range. Additionally, discover our best Anzac biscuit recipe here ever. Tested and approved!