How to bake perfection? The Unox team gave the matter a lot of thought and designed the LineMiss range of ovens. These models are compact and can be fitted anywhere. They are ideal for small kitchens and will enable you to reach wonderful results. Perfectly designed to do what larger ovens do but on a smaller scale.

Because humidity is essential during the baking process, the Steam.Plus technology was developed. With Steam.Plus, you can introduce humidity in the chamber during the first minutes of the leavened products baking process in order to promote the internal structure development and enhance the goldening of the external surface. Gold is the best! You can manually activate this function thanks to a dedicated button (on the Manual Humidity models).

Because the presence of humidity during the last phase of the baking of leaven products can compromise the achievement of the desired result, a complementary technology was introduced. Dry.Plus allows the rapid extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber, both the one released by the food and the one previously generated by Steam.Plus. This allows you to obtain a dry internal structure and a crisp, crumbly external surface. Crispy is the best!

Finally, the last thing to take into consideration was uniformity. Throughout the baking process, airflow is fundamental to obtain uniformity. The Air.Plus technology was designed by Unox to obtain perfect distribution of the air and heat inside the baking chamber. At the end of the baking, foods have a uniform external color and their consistency will remain intact for several hours.

See below how easy to use is.


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