A while ago we were telling you about the millennials generation, a large portion of your customers whose spending is increasing but attention span waning. You better watch for them and provide them with great content!

Now you know where to reach them, let’s discuss content. Millennials like images because it’s easy to consume. It looks nice, it’s entertaining and it’s no brainer. And it’s perfect for you because you work in an industry where foods and drinks are omnipresent so you will have plenty of material to create and share awesome visual content. Great content will be liked and shared with friends and word of mouth will be on its way!

First and foremost, show your place, your foods and your drinks. If you’re feeling generous, perhaps even share some recipes! You can also show off your comfortable furniture, your terrific coffee machine, and your funky bench top equipment. Share the vibes of your place, the atmosphere, and invite everyone to come and pay you a visit.

Social-MediaGive it a go today. Post a simple black and white photo of a cappuccino with a Rosetta leaf and see what happens. Start counting how many likes and shares you’re getting. Go on, it’s easier than you think! Instagram filters will make even easier for you!

Don’t hesitate to show what’s happening behind the stage and post sneak peek pictures. People like to feel like they are part of it. Introduce your staff members, show your kitchen (if it looks good! If it doesn’t, show something else!), show the barista making coffees. Show them everything!

Show your customers what makes you different from others. Book restaurant? Cat café? Industrial bakery? Whatever concept you choose, make a clear statement and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Share your values and be genuine, this will only increase brand loyalty. Customers will like your place for a specific reason and will come back for that same reason.

If you support environment sustainability, have green initiatives and offer bio foods, let everyone know about it!

Remember, the more appealing your content is, the more likely these people will visit your place and bring their friends along. Be online today and keep posting!