Wine Chiller Cabinets






Wine, this delicious alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, is a fragile living thing. Constantly changing, this liquid requires more care and attention than you might think.

Dampness, heat and bright light are wine top enemies, and if you want to store your bottles properly, you should aim to find a dry, cool and dark place. Ideally, you should store them in a cellar located in the basement but we understand it’s not always possible and that is why we happily offer a great and inexpensive alternative: wine chiller cabinets. These thermo-controlled chillers are the best way to keep wines intact.

Please note, these wine cabinets are ideal for direct consumption and allows you to serve chilled wine to the perfect temperature. If you would like to store bottles (sealed with cork) and let them age, you should seek another alternative.

F.E.D. has developed two dual zone wine chiller cabinets: one unit allows you to store up to 149 bottles and the other one up to 54 bottles. With different dimensions and capacities, both models have these solid wooden shelves allowing you to neatly align all your bottles.

The great thing about these F.E.D. units is their dual zone feature letting you set different temperatures within the same unit: temperatures of the upper part range between 5 and 10ºC and the lower part between 10 and 18ºC.

This enables you to organize your wines and have the whites and reds stored at the exact right temperature. Whites should be stored between 6 and 11ºC and reds between 12 and 18ºC.

Temperatures For Drinking Wine

 The digital temperature control allows you to keep an eye on operating temperatures and this is extremely important as even slight changes might alter the quality and taste of your wine.

F.E.D. Wine Chiller Cabinet Bromic Wine Chiller Cabinet

We also have a Bromic wine chiller cabinet. With its curved glass door and silver exterior, it looks as appealing as the bottles you will display. With its 5 solid wooden shelves, you can store up to 120 bottles.

Consumed to enhance your menu flavors or simply for the pleasure of tasting, wine plays an important role and you should definitely look after it. Visit Cafeideas today and browse through our wine chillers options.