Exhaust hoods are often undervalued, yet they have numerous benefits for you and people visiting your place. You should absolutely consider having one, if it’s not already the case. Today, all lights are on our range of Woodson countertop exhaust hoods.

Why should you have a countertop exhaust hood?
First, it will allow you to filter and remove hazardous air pollutants that come from cooking. You will be able to improve the air quality of your place, make it cleaner, and your customers will certainly appreciate that. After all, who enjoys being lost in the midst of smoke while enjoying a chai latte? No one.

By acting as a filter, it will offer health protection for everyone in the household, the cook as well as the customers.

Another great benefit of the countertop exhaust hoods, and this one is for the cook, is that it will help you reducing the excess of heat, smoke and stream produced while cooking. That way, you can focus on your recipe and not the sweat on your brow!

Why should you have a Woodson countertop exhaust hood?

Because Woodson models feature a unique 3-stage filter process enabling cleaner and lower odour emissions, as well as safer kitchen environment. The process includes the following elements:
- a stainless steel baffle that removes the majority of grease particulate
- a washable fabric that prolongs the lifespan of the carbon filter
- an activated carbon filter that controls odours and clean dirty air discharged from countertop equipment

These countertop models require no ductwork and are designed specifically for use over countertop equipment. They are made of stainless steel with a satin finish. All filters are easily removable and extremely simple to clean.

Woodson models include a powerful 4-speed variable speed fan and a ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting for extra light - a great plus for the cook! The Woodson models are available in 2 sizes: 750mm and 1000mm wide.

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